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Luna Eolo Arfa - reserved to Spain.

2012. 11. 27 - Luna Eolo arfa, almost 2 month old.

2012. 09. 29 - Today was born one black girl without white marks, out of Geisha Eolo Arfa and Eledi Grace Tabasco.


Pupps pedigree are here

2012. 09. 08 - XXVII Gun dogs show in Širvintai

Dolce Vita Eolo Arfa (ow. Urte Marija Jurkevičiūtė) got ex1, CAC, W, BOB

Imago Eolo Arfa (ow. Agnė Balė) first time in his life try Lure Coursing and like it :)



Thats mine, give it back!

2012. 09. 02 - Lure Coursing in Ryga. Judge Svetlana Jakovleva, Russia.

My old girl Venecija Azija (9 years old) got CACL. She is first Italian Greyhound in Lithuania,  who got CACL!!!

Photo by Inga Jankauskaitė

2012. 08. 26 - CACIB show in Minsk, Belorus. "August 2012". Judge Lisbeth Mach (Switzerland)

Imperia Eolo Arfa (owner V. Kvitko) got Ex1, CAC, CACIB, BOS and become Belarus CHAMPION!

2012. 08. 11 - CACIB show "Souvenir of Pskov 2012" (Russia). Judge - M. Kozber, Poland

Imperia Eolo Arfa (owner V. Kvitko) got - CACIB, BOB, BIG-2

2012. 07. 27 - Today was mated Geisha Eolo Arfa and Eledi Grace Tabasco.


Pupps pedigree are here

2012. 07. 26 - Emma Festina have crossed Rainbow Bridge.

It was last IW in our kennel...

2012. 07. 15 - Lure Coursing in Rezekne, Latvia. Judge - E. Demidova, Russia.

Bel etual Cristof and Venecija Azija got Lure Coursing runners Qualification!!!

2012. 07. 04 - Litter K, one month and 2 weeks old.

Kashmyr Eolo Arfa

Kasanova Eolo Arfa

Karamelle Eolo Arfa

2012. 07. 01 - National dog show in Cheboksary, Russia. Judge Polivanov M.A (Russia)

Imperia Eolo Arfa (owner V. Kvitko, Russia) got JCAC, BOB, BIG-1, JBIS-4, BIS-4

and become RU YCH!!!!

Finnaly we got it:

2012. 06. 16 - Litter K - almost 4 weeks.

Kashmyr Eolo Arfa

Kashmyr and Kasanova

Kasanova and Karamelle


2012. 05. 21 Was born litter "K". we have 2 boys and 1 girl.

Kashmyr Eolo arfa (isabella with black mask)

Kasanova Eolo arfa (black)

Karamelle Eolo arfa (isabella, brown pigmentation)

Bel etual Cristof's son Fleur de Vie Bernard Bruno 20 month old (owner Inga Benetinė, Lithuania)

Jasmin Eolo Arfa (Eledi grace Napoleon x Geisha Eolo Arfa) 7 month old. Owner Jūratė Lošienė, Lithuania

2012. 04. 29 - National dog show in Narva, Estonia

Our grandchildrens Ashantiasha have got JBOB, Bjork Kopa (owner Živilė Bilotaitė), - Est CAC, W, BOB, BIG-3

Judge - Nenad Davidovic, Serbia

2012. 03. 16 - was mated Amber Eolo Arfa and Be etual Kristof.


2012. 03. 03 -  САС Federation Champion, "Красный Маяк" "Кубок PRO PAK", Moscow. Judge - J. Gavrilova (RU).

Imperia Eolo Arfa (owner Valentina Kvitko, Moscow), - JCAC, BOB

2012. 02. 26 - National dog show in Panevėžys. Judge - D. Prozorov, Russia

Geisha Eolo Arfa (champion class) - got LT CAC, W.

2012. 01. 22 - National dog show in Kaunas. Judge - Piotr Krol, Poland.

Geisha Eolo arfa got last LT CAC and become LT CH.

Bjork Kopa (daughter of Anais-Anais Eolo arfa), owner Ž. Bilotaitė-Jakubauskienė, LT -  got LT CAC, W, BOB, BIG-4

Bjork Kopa and Geisha Eolo arfa

Bjork Kopa - BIG -4

List of LKD regional hunting dogs clubs representatives.

Lietuvos kinologų draugijos medžioklinės šunininkystės klubų atstovų regionuose (kinologų)


Happy New Year!!!

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