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             News and Updates 2009

Puppy for sale:

Apolonas Azija, D.O.B - 2008. 09. 13 ( 3,5 month).

LT-LV JCH, LT CH, CLUBW'04 Bel etual Valeri del Conti  x  Fefa Azija

2008. 12. 21 - Was mated Adelchi Sirio and Venecija Azija.

Vilnius, CACIB show. Expert - Horst Klibenstein, Germany.

Anais Anais Eolo arfa daughter, Bjork Kopa Antikos Leda (ow. Živile Bilotaitė-Jokubauskienė, Lithuania) got "very promissing".

2008. 12. 20 - Vilnius, CACIB show. Expert - Cristian Vantu, Romania.

Anais Anais Eolo arfa daughter, Bjork Kopa Antikos Leda (ow. Živile Bilotaitė-Jokubauskienė, Lithuania) got "very promissing".

2008. 12. 15 - 19 - Was mated LT JCH Amber Eolo arfa and LT VetCH Movado Fortissimo


2008. 12. 06 - National dog show in Liepaja, Latvia. Expert, - Ferdinano Asnaghj, Italy.

Bel etual Cristof - JCAC

Now Bel etual Cristof -  Balt JCH !!!

2008. 12. 04 - Movado Fortissimo got his Lithuanian Veteran Champion certificate.

2008. 11. 27 - Valerka's son  Apolonas Azija, - 2, 5 months old. Wonderful and attractive boy.


More pictures are here

2008. 10. 27 - Our Irish Wolfhound, Robin have crossed the Rainbow Bridge...


2008. 10. 25 - Rakvere, Estonia. Expert, - Tomasz Borkowski, Poland

Bel etual Cristof - JCAC, DB-2

Also in Junior class was  - Pjero (sir. Abolla Jason x dam. Admiration ladi primadonna) - 2 exs.

Open class, - Soltar's Kings of my castle (sir. Dog Castle Unforgetable x dam. Juliet Capullet) - CAC, BD -1, BOB

2008. 10. 19 - National dog show in Šiauliai. Expert, - Galina Strelkova, Belorus

Movado Fortissimo got 3-rd Veteran BOB and become Veteran Champion, BD-3

Bel etual Cristof, - JW, BD-2

Anais Anais Eolo arfa daughter,  Bjork Kopa Antikos Leda got "very promissing".

(owner Živilė Bilotaitė-Jokubauskienė, Lithuania)

More pictures are here

2008. 10. 13 - Apolonas Azija homepage.


Owner - Aiva Budrikienė, Lithuania, Klaipėda

2008. 10. 03 - We was visit Mr. Andriejus, Emma was visit his boars. Was funny...

Here are more pictures

2008. 09. 21 - National dog show in Panevėžys. Expert - Boguslawa Szydlowicz Polanczyk,Poland. 

Bel etual Cristof - ex.2

Bjork Kopa Antikos Leda, daughter of Anais Anais Eolo arfa and Paparazzo Bravo Novele - "very promising".

(owner Živilė Bilotaitė-Jokubauskienė, Lithuania)


2008.09.20 -   Festival of Telšiai region Hunters and Lithuanian Hounds show.

More pictures from festival are here

2008. 09. 13 - In kennel "Azija" was born just one blue dog, - Apolonas "Azija"  (Apollo) he is Bel etual Valeri del conti son.


Sir - LT LV JCH, LT CH, LT ClubW' 04 Bel etual Valeri del conti

Dam - 3 x LT CAC Fefa Azija (ow. Audra Paragytė, kennel "Azija", Lithuania)

Contacts:  +370 698 53297

+370 610 78723

2008.09.13 - XXV anniversary dog show of "Hunters and Fishermans  association of Lithuania".

I was assistant of judge V. Zakaras


More pictures from show are here

2008.09.07- National dog show in Kaunas. Expert, - K. Butrimova, Lithuania.

Movado Fortissimo - VW, Veteran BEST -7


Bel Etual Cristof - JW, BOB                                                                   Dolce Vita Eolo arfa - excellent (Dolce was late to ring)


Other IGs:  Aldo regalo da Sonetas (open class) - abs.

Domenica Santa Novelė - exc. JW

More pictures from show

   2008.08.03- XII LKSK Sighthounds Specialty

My son Mindaugas in 14-17 years old Joung Handlers  competition got 3 rd place.

Bjork Kopa Antikos Leda ( Anais Anais Eolo arfa and Paparazzo Bravo Novele) got Baby BEST-3

ow. Živilė Bilotaitė-Jokubauskienė, Lithuania

Today I dont show my dogs. I was work in ring.

We had woderful photosession. Thanks to Svetlana Valujeva and magazine "Didysis šuo".

Some new pictures of Dolce Vita Eolo arfa (ow. Urtė Jurkevičiūtė, Lithuania)

 2007.07.19 - National dog show in Ukmergė. Expert - G.Pozniakova (Blr)

Bel etual Cristof - JW

Movado Fortissimo - VW (BOB Veteran), Veteran BEST -3 (out of 9 veterans).


BEST Veteran -3

Movado Fortissimo with Reda in Joung Handlers competitions...

Venecija Azija "Dyva" and baby cat:


         2008.07.12 - National dog show in Tauragė- Expert- L. Vaitkevičienė (LT)

Bel etual Cristoff, - JW

Kristoff and his handler Reda in 14-17 years old Junior Handlers  competition

 got 4 place out of 6 handlers !!!

 2008.07.05 - World Dog Show 2008 Stockholm

Diva Marinae Eolo arfa (ow. Catarina Romedahl, kennel Havaeng Sweden) - got "excellent" in Junior class.

Judge  Giberto Grandi from Italy about Diva:

                                                    14 months. Lovley head, excellent eyes and expression. Nice small ears. Excellent elegant neck.

                                                     Front and rear well blanced. Very nice body proportions and curvy lines. Moves well.

In show was 88 IG's.

picture by Inka Luomanmaki

 2008.06.29- National dog show in Šilutė- Expert-Jūratė Butkienė (LT) 

Bel etual Cristof - JW

   2008.06.28- National dog show in Šilutė- Expert-Lorenc Małgorzata (PL)

Bel etual Cristof - JW, Junior BEST- 2


   2008.06.01 - National dog show in Kaunas. Judge was B.Larska, Poland.

Dolce Vita Eolo arfa (ow. U. Jurkevičiūtė, Lithuania) - ex. JW, BOB.

Magazine "Didysis šuo" 2008 Nr4/91 about IG's.

About R. Čekanavičius and his dogs: Anais Anais Eolo arfa and Bianca Paloma Eolo arfa.

Press on picture...

2008.05.25 - National dog show in Palanga. Judge was K.Butrimova, Lithuania

Bel etual Cristof - ex. JW.

2008.05.24 - National dog show in Plungė. Judge was L. Vaitkevičienė, Lithuania

Bel etual Cristof - "Very promising".



2008.05.17 - National show in Alytus. Judge was A.Žuk, Belorus.

Dolce Vita Eolo Arfa (ow. U.Jurkevičiūtė, Lithuania)-  Ex. YW, BOB.  Some new pictures in Dolce site.

2008.04.27 - National show in Panevėžys. Judge was Ž. Povilaitienė, Lithuania.

Today was first Cristof's show. He is very promising IG.


2008.03.27 - Last jokes of winter...

2008.03.07 -  Something new in All about IG's

2008.02.26 - Bel Etual Cristof,- just come home.


...time to have a rest. Pictures come soon...

2008.02.24 - National show in Panevėžys, Lithuania. Judge was Andrzej Szutkiewicz, Poland.

Benedictus Eolo arfa, - CAC, N, BOB, BIG-4 (was 6 IG's)


Benis and Dyvas was couple Nr.5 out of 11couples.

2008.02 09 -  All about IG's

 Valerka got a gift. Thanks to Natalija and Bel Etual Raritet "Richi".

  2007.12.27 - Other pictures

 2007.12.20 - Photos by Dyva, Robin, Emma, Valerka, Gyzmou, Beni, Valerka's progeny.

2007.12.12 - We are in magazine "Favourite paw" ("Geriausi Pabaltijo veislynai")


2007.12. 01-  National show in Vilnius, Lithuania. Judge was Blaz Kavcic, Slovenia.

Venecija Azija won - CAC, W

Benedictus Eolo arfa won - CAC, W, BOB, BIG-3

Benis and Dyva was Couple - 4 ( out of 10 couples)


2007 12 06 - This page on the net!

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