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Date Rang Country, city Class Titules Junge Photos
2007.01.28 CAC, Lithuania, Kaunas open ex. CAC, M. Vretenicic photo
2006.10.15 CAC Lithuania, Siauliai open CAC,N, BOS E. Baoujes, RUS photo
2006.07.01 CAC Lithuania, Silute open ex. CAC P. Krol, PL photo
2005.10.16 CAC Lithuania, Siauliai junior ex. JCAC A. Zuk, BY photo
2005.09.17 CAC Lithuania, Silute junior ex. JCAC M. Patrina, RUS photo
2005.09.11 CAC Lithuania, Kaunas junior ex. JCAC Z. Povilaitiene photo
2005.06.11 CAC Lithuania, Kaunas puppy puppy BOB N. Bulelik photo
2005.05.21 CAC Lithuania, Plunge puppy puppy BOB Z. Jakubowski, PL photo
2005.04.25 CAC Lithuania, Klaipeda baby Baby BOB, BIS Baby-4 A. Filatova, RUS photo


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